Curriculum vitae of EWFC



Foundation of the working community Rhine/Mosel in Amneville/Metz (F); registered society on 19.09.1991 at the court in Metz (F) with the legal seat in Saint Julien les Metz


General Assembly met in Ambleteuse (F), the working community Rhine/Mosel was changed into the European Working Community of Food Inspection and Consumer Protection (EWFC)


Application for a seat on the advisory committee of the European Commission bill of new guidelines and regulations for food


Presentation of the EWFC on the occasion of an European seminar in Birmingham (GB), acknowledgement of the EWFC by DG III of the European Commission

Since 1997

EWFC holds an General Assembly every two years in one of the Member States in which all members and member associations participate.

Furthermore EWFC organises regular European Congresses providing professional education:

1998 in Paris (F) - about 200 participants,

2003 in Brussels (B) - about 150 participants,

2006 in Newport (GB) - about 150 participants,

2009 in Vienna - about 260 participants,

2011 in Amnéville - about 140 participants

2016 in Brussels - about 200 participants

2021 online webinar (due to Covid)

2023 in Vienna - about 175 participants from 10 EU countries 



during the AGM in Hamburg, Italy (Italian Associazione Professionale dei Tecnici della Prevenzione nell' Ambiente e nei Luoghi di Lavoro (UNPISI) joins EWFC as full member 


Why you should your association become a Member of EWFC?

  • Contribute to the harmonisation of Food
  • Inspection standards in the EU
  • professional exchange of experience and knowledge at European level
  • establish contacts with colleagues in other European countries
  • use contacts to establish a network and exchange information
  • Actively contribute to the construction of an European family

Where the EWFC wants to go?

A greater assurance of food safety and consumer protection by official controls which guarantee a neutral and financially independent monitoring and inspection system; this is the paramount objective of EWFC.

Official controls offer the best level of Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

This view was reached and subsequently communicated to the EU Commission when the Commission was considering the draft European constitution.

The EWFC recommends that a system of harmonized education and training, with continuous professional development of inspection staff, is established.

Such training should cover all disciples of food safety, from farm to fork. The training and qualification of EU food inspectors as well as meat inspection staff should be of the same standard across the Union. We believe this is the only way uniform standards in food health in the EU area will be achieved.

The EWFC, with its knowledge and experience of European food inspection and surveillance, could use these qualities to train other inspectors. All members have large networks in their oranisation(s).

We believe that in the future several European projects to harmonize and standardize the prerequisites of monitoring procedures should be organized.

To get together is a beginning.

To hold together is a progress.

To work together is a success.

(Henry Ford)