The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published a risk assessment on aflatoxins in food.

The report evaluates toxicity of aflatoxins to humans, estimates dietary exposure of the European Union population to these mycotoxins, and assesses the human health risks due to estimated dietary exposure. The risk assessment by the Panel on Contaminants in the Food Chain is an update of similar work in 2007 and 2018.

It covers aflatoxin B1 (AFB1), AFB2, AFG1, AFG2 and AFM1. More than 200,000 analytical results on occurrence of aflatoxins were part of the evaluation. Grains and grainbased products made the largest contribution to the mean chronic dietary exposure to AFB1 in all age groups, while liquid milk and fermented milk products were the main contributors to the AFM1 mean exposure.

The most frequently found aflatoxin in contaminated food is AFB1. Aflatoxinproducing fungi are found in areas with a hot, humid climate and aflatoxins in food are a result of pre and postharvest fungal contamination.

Climate change is believed to impact their presence in Europe.

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31-03-2020 17:Mar:st