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Message from the Management Board

EWFC board held virtual meeting on the 24th of November 2020

1. COVID-19

The general COVID-19 situation in our various association’s member states was discussed and a fairly uniform situation was reported across all countries, in that:

  • The virus was increasing again, and everyone was in some degree of lock-down.
  • The prospect of a vaccine in the near future will hopefully bring better times.

2. Communication and Liaison

The board is renewing its communication with various Members of the European Parliament and future EWFC members.

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11-12-2020 14:Dec:th

European meat plants posing 'avoidable risk' of disease

EWFC is calling for food safety regulations at slaughterhouses to be “re-evaluated in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic”

Consumers are being exposed to an “avoidable risk” of disease after a reduction of official controls in food inspections of pig and poultry carcasses across the EU, European meat inspectors have said. Diseased meat is being eaten by consumers in the UK and EU, including pus from abscesses and tuberculosis lesions from pigs’ heads, said the European Working Community for Food Inspection and Consumer Protection (EFWFC) this week. The EWFC represents EU meat inspectors in Europe.

In response to the claim, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) said the regulations for food safety had been developed to prevent meat that could be diseased or contaminated from reaching consumers. “If the FSA was aware of any breaches of these regulations it would be treated very seriously and we would take immediate action in response,” said a spokesperson.

Ron Spellman, EWFC’s deputy secretary, said inspections should ensure that no carcass showing signs of disease entered the food chain, but that there had been an erosion of safety rules in the past decade.

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15-09-2020 15:Sep:th